Courseware for Learning

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Courseware for Learning by Mind Map: Courseware for Learning

1. Tutorials

1.1. Address first two phases of instruction

1.2. Present learning objectives

1.3. Stimulate prior knowledge

2. Drills

2.1. Addresses third phase of instruction

2.2. Introduce information and keep students busy

2.3. Digital workbooks or digital flashcards

3. Simulations

3.1. Allows students to learn about some topic through interaction with the activity

3.2. Can address any of the four phases of instruction

4. Hypermedia

4.1. Text, images, audio, and video files about a topic connected through links

4.2. Best example: Wikipedia (online encycolpedia)

5. Educational Games

5.1. Integrate content with the use of skills

5.2. Depending on the game, they can address all four phases of instruction

5.3. Advantages of Games

5.4. Examples: logical and puzzle games, word games

6. Tools and Open-ended Learning Environments

6.1. Emphasize learning by discovering and exploration and problem solving; also by teaching things to the computer or other students

6.2. Advantages

6.3. Examples: Google sites, Mind Mesiter, LOGO