Dark Age and Archaic Age Pottery

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Dark Age and Archaic Age Pottery by Mind Map: Dark Age and Archaic Age Pottery

1. Black Figure Pottery

1.1. details carved on

1.1.1. expressions shown through action

1.1.2. vase takes more time

1.1.3. not a lot of detail can be added

1.1.4. difficult to carve curved lines curved lines rarely used straight lines used often

1.2. figures mostly black color

1.3. figure appears to be a shadow

2. Red Figure Pottery

2.1. has a more natural look

2.2. details painted on

2.2.1. expressions can be shown

2.2.2. vase takes less time

2.2.3. more detail can be added

2.3. figures are a red color

2.4. figures are more lifelike

3. Advantages of red-figure style

3.1. easier to paint in fine detail

3.2. lines can overlap

3.3. artist can control texture

4. 6 Types of Pottery

4.1. hydria

4.1.1. pours water and other liquids

4.2. lekythos

4.2.1. used to pour oil

4.3. krater

4.3.1. mixes water and wine

4.4. amphora

4.4.1. stores liquids and dry goods

4.5. kylix

4.5.1. drinking cup

4.6. oenochoe

4.6.1. pouring jug

5. 6 characteristics of Greek vase painting

5.1. horror vacui

5.1.1. need to fill every space with some sort of decoration

5.2. people and animals constructed out of crude geometric shapes

5.3. use of geometric shapes

5.3.1. circles were uncommon

5.3.2. straight lines were used more

5.4. most imortant scene where vase swells out

5.5. 3 horizontal lines seperate each change of decorations

6. Ajax vs. Achilles

6.1. Exekias

6.1.1. black figure style

6.2. Andokides

6.2.1. bilingual amphora