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Zero Experience by Mind Map: Zero Experience
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Zero Experience

You will experience the basic functions of a robot, create it and play with it !Clic the arrow to see the introduction movie.

How to create a 3D part? to 3DExperience

2. 3DExperience-How to start

3. 3DExperience-Use power copies

4. 3DExperience-How to search for data

How to realize a real part with a laser cut?


2.How to use the laser cut


0.What is Arduino

1.Connect Arduino Uno

2.Zero Program

How to detect an obstacle?

Detect an obstacle with US Sensor

US Sensor Data sheet


Action systems and control of them


Intelligence and programming


Perception and communication systems


Mechanical design of parts and assemblies.


Realizing, prototyping, building parts and assemblies

How to assemble real parts and components?

Assembly process



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How to move

1.Connect DCmotor with Arduino

2.Wiring DCmotor with Arduino

3.Program DCmotor with Arduino