Digital Citizenship and Web Awareness

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Digital Citizenship and Web Awareness by Mind Map: Digital Citizenship and Web Awareness

1. Digital Citizenship

1.1. Unspoken Rules and Expectations

1.1.1. respect yourself

1.1.2. respect intellectual property

1.1.3. respect others

1.1.4. netiquette

2. Web Awareness

2.1. Internet Safety

2.1.1. resources Media Smarts Common Sense Media Cyber Talk

2.1.2. Impact of Sexually Explicit Material Impact Good vs. Bad Pictures

2.1.3. Cyber Bullying Snapchat Facebook

2.1.4. Web Awareness for Teachers safety on the web authenticity of information on the web marketing to kids on the web copyright

3. Web Resources

3.1. Authenticity

3.1.1. Fact of Folly

3.1.2. Email Validity

3.2. Marketing

3.2.1. Targeting

3.2.2. Consuming

3.3. Privacy

3.3.1. Phone safety

3.3.2. Facebook Safety