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Dark Age (1200-800 BCE)


Aeolians, Settled in northern Greece., Peaceful people., Had no great cities or literature., Were mainly agricultural.

Ionians, Settled in central Greece., Had the best trade routes, ports, & lands., Were the most intelligent Greeks., Were the basis of philosophy., Were wealthier than the Aeolians., Had better art., Athens & Corinth were some of their cities.

Dorians, Most war-like of all the Greeks., Ancestors of the Spartans., Conquered Crete, southern Asain minor, & the whole area down to Egypt.


Pottery, Hydria - Used to pour liquids., Lekythos - Used to pur oils., Krater - Used to mix liquids (usually water & wine)., Amphora - Used to store liquid & dry food., Kylix - A type of cup usually used to drink wine., Oenochoe - Used to pur liquids into the Krater., Scenes were usually near the handles., Whole vase was covered in designs & seperated into sections by 3 horizontal lines.

Sculpture, Small & crude., Made of bronze., Had no time to focus on art.

Frescoe, None because they were always destroyed so no one made any (that we know of).

Architecture, No great architecture because they were always getting destroyed, no money, and not enought time to build.


Horro Vacui - afraid of leaving empty spaces on pottery becaus of the belief that the evil spirits would exit through the spaces.

Humans were merely puppets of the Gods.

Artists were the border line between the Gods & Humans.

Archaic Age


Pottery, Red Figure Vases, Figures look more realistic., Has much more details., Details are painted., Did NOT take much artistic talent compared to black figure vases., Took less time to make., Figures are red & the background is black., Black Figure Vases, Details were scratched into the vase., Didn't have many curves or circles (had mainly straight lines)., Took much more time & artistic talent., Didn't have much details (too many would cause the vase to crack)., Didn't look as realistic as red figure vases., Ajax & Achilles Amphoras, Made by Exekias., Black Figure., Achilles looks bigger than Ajax., Achilles is wearing his helmet, Ajax is not., Playing dice., Achilles & Ajax both have an archaec smile., Made by Andokides., Bilingual Figure (one side is Red & other side is Black)., Red Figure Side., More realistic., Figures are painted., Both Achilles & Ajax are wearing helmets., Figures overlap the boundary lines., Playing dice., Can see the tips of their spears., Hands are further away from the board., Achilles & Ajax both have an archaec smile., Black Figure Side., Details are scratched in., Achilles is the same height as Ajax., Achilles & Ajax are not wearing their helmets., Figures are within the border lines., Playing dice., Achilles & Ajax both have an archaec smile.


Started to settle down in one area.

Started trading.

Began to focus on art.

Became wealthier & had better technology.