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Dark Ages and Archaic Ages Art by Mind Map: Dark Ages and Archaic Ages Art
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Dark Ages and Archaic Ages Art

Three waves of Greek


They were the first greek tribes to arrive. They were very peaceful and had no great art or literatureThey were mostly agricultural and settled in  nothern greece, northern aegean, and nothern Asia Minor.


Athens and Corinth were both Ionian cities with the nest trade routes, the best land, and the best ports. They became the most intellectual of all greeks.


The Dorians were the most warlike of all the Greeks. They conquered the Aeolians, Ionian, Crete, and Southern ASia Minor, down to the coast aall the way to Egypt. The Spartans were the Dorians.

Six Characteristics of the Greek Vase

1. horror vacui: the need to fill in every little space with some sort of decoration

2. the rigid division of a vase in to rational and balanced order

3. the use of geometric shapes: Triangles, Greek meanders, diamonds, and circles are uncommon in Athenian art. Athenian art is recta-linear.

4. The three horizontal lines: three lines that separate each change of decoration

5. The most important scene is placed between the handles where the vase swells out. this brings the scene into the viewers space and the handles frame it.

6. people and animals on vase on the vases are constructed out of crude geometric parts. this is a reflection of a lack of art skills, but it is still very attractive

Red Figure Style



Black Figure Technique



Exkias vs Andochides

Exekias' vase of Achilles and Ajax

Andochides' vase of Achilles and Ajax