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Greece by Mind Map: Greece

1. Three Waves of Greeks

1.1. First Wave

1.1.1. Aeolians settled in the north.

1.1.2. Known to be peaceful.

1.1.3. Had no special attributes.

1.2. Second Wave

1.2.1. Settled in central Greece, Aegean and Asia Minor.

1.2.2. So many lived in center Asia Minor that it became Ionis.

1.2.3. Had the best trade routes, best ports, best lands; became the most intellectual of all Greeks

1.2.4. Athens and Corinth were both Ionian cities, philosophy began among the Ionians of Miletus.

1.3. Third Wave

1.3.1. Arrived around 1200 BCE

1.3.2. Most warlike of all. Plunder and loot Aeolians and Ionians.

1.3.3. Spartans.

1.3.4. Eventually conquered Crete and southern Asia Minor, down the coast all the way to Egypt.

1.3.5. Caused the start of the Dark Ages. Dark Ages Types of Pots Six Characteristics of Greek Vases The Dark Ages was a time of no architecture. Small, crude bronze sculptures were the only form of art created.

2. Minoan Art

2.1. Minoan art's only significance is the frescoes and the idolization of females in their sculptures.

2.2. Minoan art was made with marble, unlike other sculptures.

3. Archaic Age

3.1. Kouros Figures

3.1.1. Greeks were able to create Kouros figures because there was peace, trade and money. The only people who could afford such sculptures were patrons and wealthy merchants.

3.1.2. The Kouros Figure is a figure that is male, nude and typically in the prime of its life. These sculptures mostly represented ideal males. They also symbolized strength and power, courage, and perfection. The sculpture was always nude because it shows perfection.

3.1.3. The two basic purposes of this sculpture was for religious aspects and grave markers.

3.1.4. Attic Kouros The standing is still and postured. Muscles, nude, portrays perfection. The Greeks are focusing more on humans instead of Gods.

3.1.5. Metropolitan Kouros More Realistic, smoother, more natural, and detailed hair.

3.1.6. Kroises No bony knees, more realistic in every aspect, wider hips, natural hair.

3.1.7. Moschophoros Moschophoros means calf bearer. Used to show how to carry the sacrifice for the gods. Differences Ritual clothing, not stiff and postured, not portraying a young man, first sculpture with a bellybutton, the figure is a priest.

3.1.8. Kore Figures Kore figures are different because they are all female. They are also always clothed and have their feet together, seen with one hand holding something all the time. Peplos Kore Similarities Differences Chiton Kore Longer hair, more detailed dress and face, different hairstyle.


3.2. Settling Down

3.2.1. The Phoenicians began to settle down after peace strode over and started the trade system. Because of this peace, the alphabet system was created. With the alphabet, the works of the Odyssey and Iliad were written down quickly.