Steps in evaluation

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Steps in evaluation by Mind Map: Steps in evaluation

1. Step 1- Defining standards

1.1. Standards a point of reference for quality

1.2. Review done by regulatory body

1.3. Standard set by professional body

2. Step 2 - Investigating the performance or data collection

2.1. Well planned

2.2. Qualitative and quantitative indicators measuring predetermined standards

2.3. Good leadership is the key

3. Step 3 - Synthesizing the results

3.1. Results compiled, analysed and distributed

3.2. Findings for judging quality findings

3.3. Positive and negative findings shared

4. Step 4 - Formulating recommendations

4.1. Areas for improvement communicated

4.2. Suggestions for improvement provided

4.3. Useful approaches to reduce deficits provided

5. Step 5 - Feeding recommendations and lessons learned back into the programme

5.1. Elements revised and modified, added or deleted

5.2. Evaluators give feedback for improvement on benchmarking lesson, learned and best practices