Courseware for Learning

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Courseware for Learning by Mind Map: Courseware for Learning

1. Tutorials

1.1. Information is presented or modeled.

1.2. Learners walked through initial use of information.

1.3. Present students with learning objectives and stimulate prior knowledge.

2. Hypermedia

2.1. Assortment of texts, images, audio files, videos, and numerous combinations that focus on a topic or related set of topics.

2.2. Support learning in many ways.

3. Drills

3.1. Exist to provide practice.

3.2. Should not be used to introduce new information.

3.3. Effective computer based drills should adjust to the success of the student, in addition to record student performance

4. Simulations

4.1. Model a phenomenon or activity that students learn about through interacting with the simulation.

4.2. Does not replicate the phenomenon, but rather simplifies it.

4.3. Has numerous advantages

5. Educational Games

5.1. Typically thought to be for children but that's not always the case.

5.2. Advantages

5.3. Disadvantages

6. Tools and Open-Ended Learning Environments

6.1. Constructivist teaching approach

6.2. Emphasize learning by discovery and exploration, problem solving, and teaching things to students or computer

6.3. Advantages

6.4. Disadvantages