Courseware for Learning

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Courseware for Learning by Mind Map: Courseware for Learning

1. Tools and Open-ended Learning Environments

1.1. Emphasizes learning by discovery, problem-solving, exploration, and instructing others

1.2. Motivates the learner

1.3. Inspires collaborative learning

1.4. Exercises cross-curriculum learning

2. Educational Games

2.1. Provides an engaging lesson to motivate students to learn

2.2. Many address all four phases of instruction

2.3. Encourages the use cognitive skills

2.4. Examples

2.4.1. Adventure/role playing games

2.4.2. Puzzles or word games

3. Simulations

3.1. Provides a safe learning environment where students may experience phenomenons and acquire new skills without the risk of failure

3.2. May address all four phases of instruction

3.2.1. Presents information in risk free situations

3.2.2. Guides the learner through virtual first-hand experiences

3.2.3. Enables the learner to practice skills within the models

3.2.4. Allows the student and the instructor to assess learning progress

4. Drills

4.1. Addresses the third phase of instruction

4.1.1. Provides practice for the learner

4.2. Encourages memory through repetition

4.3. Keep records of the student's progress

5. Tutorials

5.1. Usually addresses the first two phases of instruction

5.1.1. Information is presented to the learner

5.1.2. The learner is guided through the use of information and skills

5.2. Stimulates prior knowledge and presents learning objectives

6. Hypermedia

6.1. Resources that focus on a specific topic

6.2. Used through reference sources, hypermedia or multimedia, or virtual guides