Donut game (I refer to the donuts as hoops during this)

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Donut game (I refer to the donuts as hoops during this) by Mind Map: Donut game (I refer to the donuts as hoops during this)

1. Mechanics

1.1. Pull back and release to change trajectory

1.1.1. N64 Gameplay: Pokemon Stadium Mini-game - Ekans' Hoop Hurl

1.1.2. Angry birds

1.2. Boosters - Items that can be used to gain you an advantage during a game, could be acquired through unlocks, in-game currency or real currency

1.2.1. Golden hoops that add 3-4 additional seconds, they must land on a peg to grant additional time

1.2.2. Sabotage boosters for online play Wobbly hoops that make it difficult to aim because they're wiggling around the screen Tiny hoops that can barely fit over the peg so require much more precision

1.2.3. Magnetic hoop will let you snap a hoop directly onto a peg aslong as you aim it onto a peg that is visibile

1.3. Different game modes

1.3.1. Limited hoops Focuses more on decision making than speed You are given a limited amount of hoops but must score as high as possible Different pegs will change the score, common pegs will give a lower score and more difficult pegs will give the player a higher score - the challenge comes in trying not to waste all the pegs on getting the higher score which will involve more risk

1.3.2. Timed games Player has 60 seconds to score as many points as possible Tsum Tsum - Level 6 Skill Maleficent Game Play 4,276,966

1.4. Hoop boosters - these give status effects to your hoop to give you an advantage

1.4.1. Affects every 5th hoop Every 5th hoop will have a magnetic effect and snap to the closest peg that you through it too Adds another hoop on top of the one you landed Freezes the peg you landed it on for the next 4 seconds

1.4.2. Affects every 10th hoop Every 10th hoop will attach to its initial peg that it lands on but also all four pegs circling it Freezes the row you landed it on for the next 4 seconds

1.4.3. Affects every 15th hoop Freezes the whole board for 4 seconds if you land it

1.5. Larger peg board to create more difficulty

1.5.1. Starter - 7 pegs

1.6. Peg behaviour

1.6.1. Fluctuating wave motion

1.6.2. Randomised with higher point pegs showing up less than lower point pegs

1.7. Pegs can have in-game currency balancing on top of them, players will be encouraged to hoop these ones to gain currency

1.8. Pegs will have different characteristics meaning they are worth different points (Visual identifiers could be sweet/food related still, candy canes, liquorice etc)

1.8.1. Three different types of pegs Low point scorers (100 - 250) Medium point scorers (350 - 500) High point scorers (500 - 1000)

1.9. Level variation can be created by different peg layouts and 'themes'

1.9.1. Verticality

1.9.2. Levels with 'traps' or 'blockers'

1.9.3. Empty space between pegs

1.9.4. Walls that need to be broken using hoops

1.10. If the player lands lots of hoops in succession (5-10 hoops depending on difficulty) changes the mode for 5 seconds making all pegs worth double points

1.11. Levels will follow 'Kishotenketsu"

1.11.1. Nintendo's "kishōtenketsu" Mario level design philosophy explained

2. Advertising

2.1. After each level full screen advert will play

2.2. Give users option to purchase 'ad-free forever' version of the game

2.3. Ability to earn points and rewards from watching ads

3. Replayability

3.1. Online scoreboards

3.1.1. Login to access Facebook friends/contacts

3.1.2. Competitive 'teams' Splatoon 'splatfest' players choose a 'side' and then compete to earn the most points so there option wins - Splatoon 2 Splatfest - Mayonnaise VS. Ketchup Announcement Pokemon GO + Robot Unicorn Attack 2 asks you to choose a team that you then work for, if your team wins (daily or weekly battles) you unlock prizes - Free Android Game of the Day - Robot Unicorn Attack 2

3.2. Online competitive

3.2.1. From 2-4 players playing against each other online, real time matches with the winner being the one that scores the most points.

3.3. Customisation

3.4. Daily login bonuses + 'login everyday for a month'

3.5. Daily/weekly tasks

3.5.1. Score a certain amount of points

3.6. Share your best plays online with your friends

3.6.1. Automatically generate a gif of players best moment

4. Customisation

4.1. Hoops

4.2. Character clothing

4.3. Characters home and 'hub world'

4.3.1. Bubble Witch 3 Saga How to build Stella's house (and earn boosters)

4.4. User is able to pick which 'team' they are part of they select this by picking which animal they play as

4.5. Victory dances or poses