Genre Shortlist

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Genre Shortlist by Mind Map: Genre Shortlist

1. Thriller

1.1. Positives:

1.1.1. Shared Interest Good chance to use music Easier to create tension

1.2. Negatives:

1.2.1. Many Thriller Films don't have title sequences Lots of shots needed Destinations

2. Action/Adventure

2.1. Positives

2.1.1. Exciting The fast pace is easy to convey in a title sequence Destinations

2.2. Negatives

2.2.1. Often needs stunts/special effects May need more actors than other genres We have limited recourses

3. Period Drama

3.1. Positives

3.1.1. Shared interest Original

3.2. Negatives

3.2.1. Wide use of props needed Settings available may not suffice Not interesting to watch