Two English Language Learners Programs

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Two English Language Learners Programs by Mind Map: Two English Language Learners Programs

1. Dual language program characteristics: The student population is comprised of 50% native-English speakers and 50% native speakers of the target language (the foreign language).

2. ESOL Program: Pull-Out Approach

3. English for Speakers of Other Languages curriculum is focused on enabling the English Language Learner (ELL), who is learning English as a new language, to develop the language skills needed to achieve academically, participate successfully in the school and classroom setting, and adjust socially to the U.S. culture.

4. Dual Language Program: Spanish Immersion

5. Spanish dual language Programs gives equal emphasis to English and non-English language speakers in the classroom. Students learn Spanish and English through content based instruction in selected core subjects with a cross cultural understanding for both native and non-native speakers. Ex. Math taught in English and Science taught in Spanish

6. Student guide to proficiency: Students are pulled out from General ED classes and receive regular scheduled instruction from ESOL teacher to promote English development

7. Student English Proficiency is measured via 6 level: 1) Entering= Use of visual cues to support comprehension 2)Emerging= Understanding of familiar cues "student uses phrases or short sentences 3) Developing= Students use expanded sentences 4) Expanding= Students understand and use complex language 5) Bridging= language approaches proficiency of peers 6) Reaching Language and communication is comparable to English proficient peers

8. Highlighted Standard: •English Language Proficiency Standard 2: English language learners communicate information, ideas and concepts necessary for academic success in the content area of Language Arts

9. Appropriate Teaching Strategies: ~Check frequently for understanding ~Use chunking of material ~Use choral reading~10.Encourage students to underline key words or important facts

10. Appropriate learning lesson plans: ~Use pre-reading activities to activate former knowledge ~Create a definition key for unfamiliar words in text ~ Share hardcopy outline of lesson to student

11. Non-English language is taught beyond Academic content is taught and assessed in two languages over an extended period of time. "All school year and throughout all grade levels"

12. Highlighted standard/objective: improved academic achievement and graduation rates of English language learners (ELLs) as closing the achievement gap between ELL students and peers

13. Appropriate learning lesson plan

14. Appropriate Teaching Strategies: ~Frequently use open end-questions ~Assess students throughout the program to monitor academic and language achievement