Music Video Categories

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Music Video Categories by Mind Map: Music Video Categories

1. Hybrid

1.1. A hybrid video is one where more than one category is used within one video for example a video may have elements of both narrative and concept. Most music videos are likely to be hybrid to make them more interesting and attract the audience.

2. Narrative

2.1. Narrative videos are when the storyline of the lyrics is being acted out in some way. This is popularly used in love stories and slow songs. The visual image is key in producing a music video of this type so that the audience can follow the narrative.

3. Performance

3.1. Performance videos show the artist or band performing either alone or to a crowd. This type of music video is usually used within the rock and indie genres. Although a variety of shots can be used there wouldn’t be any narrative to the video and it would usually consist of the artist/band miming to the song.

4. Concept

4.1. These are based around a single idea or concept that is often quite unusal which can attract the audience. Concept videos are created by any artist and genre not any in particular and they are usually hybrid videos.