Web Awareness

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Web Awareness by Mind Map: Web Awareness

1. Privacy

1.1. Issues to Consider

1.1.1. Audience Anyone can see what you publish

1.1.2. Anonymity Everything can be traced back to original author

1.1.3. Permanence Whatever is published may be able to be seen for years to come. Benefit vs. Problem

1.1.4. Copyright AGAINST THE LAW

1.1.5. Free Speech No Insults Cautious of other's

1.2. Very Important with Social Media

1.2.1. No Pictures

1.2.2. Log out of Accounts

1.2.3. Understand the Privacy Settings of all sites

2. Copyright

2.1. Importance of citations

2.1.1. Teachers need to model appropriate citations to students

2.1.2. Images, Articles, Videos, etc.

2.2. Fair Use Property

2.3. The correct use of Copying and Pasting ( AVOID COPYRIGHT)

3. Marketing

3.1. Targets

3.1.1. Kids Use of Celebrities Use of Similar Age Kids

3.1.2. Schools Sponsorship Food School Events

3.2. Advertisements

3.2.1. Banner Ads

3.2.2. In- app Advertisements

3.2.3. Viral Ads

3.2.4. Behavioural Targeting Recent Search History Location Personal Interests

4. Internet Safety

4.1. Sexually Explicty Material

4.1.1. How are children exposed? Accidentally Intentionally

4.1.2. Impacts Shape sexual values, attitudes and behaviours May prematurely sexualize children Increase risk of problematic sexual behaviour Increase Health Risks

4.1.3. What can parents do? Become Aware Filter Content Supervise Children Set Limits

4.2. Cyberbullying

4.2.1. Prevention Use Netiquette Don't Share Personal Information Create Strong Passwords Do NOT share

4.2.2. Are you a victim? Inform an Adult/Local Police Don't Reply to Unknown Messages Don't Erase Messages

4.3. Web Awareness for Teachers

4.3.1. Educational Games

4.3.2. understand the dangers that are involved with the internet Public vs. Private Sites

5. Authenticity

5.1. Authority

5.1.1. Does this page have an author? Contact Information Do they have expertise?

5.1.2. Ask Ask a Librarian Use WhoIs

5.1.3. Is the Publisher reliable?

5.2. Coverage

5.2.1. Relevant Information Is this useful to me?

5.2.2. In-depth Information

5.3. Objectivity

5.3.1. Minimal Bias

5.3.2. Facts Vs. Opinion

5.3.3. Free of Advertisements

5.4. Accuracy

5.4.1. Reliable and Error-free Information Free of spelling mistakes? Confirm information

5.4.2. Frequently Updated

5.4.3. Is there an editor? Websites hardly ever have "fact checkers"

5.5. Currency

5.5.1. Current Links

5.5.2. Up to Date Information Date may be seen in footer of the page

5.6. True or False?

5.6.1. Use multiple sources to make sure information is correct

5.6.2. Be aware of strong opinions that may occur over the internet

5.6.3. Use the 5 criteria of authenticity