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Mind Map Chapter Notes by Mind Map: Mind Map Chapter Notes
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Mind Map Chapter Notes

D#1, HW#14 Chapter 1

Technical Communication is everywhere - on our food labels, in the work place, at the ATM, and in school.


Audience Centered

Technology Oriented


Research Oriented



Design Centered


D#2, HW #2 - Chapter 2

Rhetorical Problems

Thinking rhetorically involves recognizing and understanding that problem solving and composing documents, regardless of the situation, usually have a few things in common

Exigency and Purpose


Workplace writers

Resonating entries from the Handbook of Technical Writing

Visuals, p. 552

Cover Letters, p. 111

Web Design, p. 561

Grammar, p. 234

Collaborative Writing, p. 72

D#2, HW#3 - Chapter 3

The Impact of Technology

Keeping Up with Progress

Creating Documents

Communicating and Collaborating

Ethics and Electronic Communication

The Future of Workplace Writing and Computer Technology

D#2, HW#4 - Chapter 4

What is ethics? About right and wrong in the most basic way of putting it

Ethical Guidelines for Workplace Writers

Ethics and Technology

Environmental Ethics

D#3, HW#3 - Chapter 5

Learning About Differences

Avoiding Stereotypes

Enhancing Translation

Accommodation Transnational Audiences

Transnational Ethics

Guidelines for Writing for Transnational Audiences

Localize Your Writing

Account for visual and auditory perceptions

D#3, HW#4 - Chapter 6

Finding and evaluating source material