Socratic dialogue

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Socratic dialogue by Mind Map: Socratic dialogue

1. general

1.1. definition is given

1.2. Find flaws:unravel definition

1.3. Admit ignorance

2. Euthyphro

2.1. What is piety

2.1.1. that which is loved by the gods some things are loved by the same gods

2.1.2. they love just human actions is it loved because it is holy or is it holy because it is loved?

2.1.3. Give service to the gods prayers only ask of them sacrifices only give back to them

3. Thrasymachus

3.1. what is justice

3.1.1. Might is right

3.2. rulers make bad laws

3.3. Polemarchus says Thrasymachus is wrong

4. Symposium Diotima teaches socrates

4.1. Starts with a love of physical things

4.1.1. Becomes a love of virtue -Courage -Temperance -Prudence -Justice