Time Period

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Time Period by Mind Map: Time Period

1. Dark Age (1200-800 BCE

1.1. Art

1.1.1. Frescoe There were no Frescoes becasue they were being destoryed during times of war

1.1.2. Architecture None because there was constant war, no peace, and less money, also no time to build them because they were in war.

1.1.3. Sculpture Made of bronze Artist had no time to focus on art Crude and small

1.1.4. Pottery Lekythos-holds oil Amphora-used to store dried goods and liquids Kylix- a drinking cup Hydria- pours liquids Krater- used to dillute wine with water Oenochoe- pour liquid into Krater Paintyings were near the handles of the vase 3 horizontal lines sepearte decorations

1.2. Inhabitent

1.2.1. Aeolians Settle in Northern Greece People are at peace No cities or literature Mainly fostered agriculture

1.2.2. Dorians Dominated South Asia,a whole piece of Egypt, and Crete Ancestor of Spartans Society is in constant war (most war like)

1.2.3. Ionians Richer than Aeolians Most intelligent Greeks Better art works The basis of Philosophy Best lands,ports,and trade routes Athens and Corinth part of there cities

1.3. Beliefs

1.3.1. Artist are the border line of the Gods and Humans

1.3.2. Humans are puppets to the Gods

2. Archaic Age

2.1. Inhabitent

2.1.1. less war made them develope better art

2.1.2. Settle down in an area

2.1.3. Started Trade

2.1.4. became richer and better technology

2.2. Art

2.2.1. Pottery Red Figure Details are painted More realistic less time consuming to make Red background red figures Figures look realistic Artistic skills not needed like the balck figure Black Figure Did nto look realistic more like shadow puppets Scratched deatail Alot of straight lines rather than curled lines Artisitic skills Longer to make Not alot of detail Ajax and Achilles Amphora By Exekias By Andokides