ESL and Two-Way Bilingual Program Comparison

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ESL and Two-Way Bilingual Program Comparison by Mind Map: ESL and Two-Way Bilingual Program Comparison

1. English as a Second Language (ESL) Standards in New York State Public Schools

1.1. Overall Primary Objective

1.2. Language Skill Areas

1.2.1. Listening

1.2.2. Speaking

1.2.3. Reading

1.2.4. Writing

1.3. Proviciency Levels

1.3.1. Beginning

1.3.2. Intermediate

1.3.3. Advanced

1.4. Proficiency Sublevels

1.4.1. Low

1.4.2. Mid

1.4.3. High

1.5. Grade Levels

1.5.1. Early Childhood Grades Pre-K – 1

1.5.2. Elementary Grades 2 – 4

1.5.3. Intermediate Grades 5 – 8

1.5.4. Commencement Grades 9 – 12

1.6. Standards

1.6.1. English for information and understanding

1.6.2. English for literary response, enjoyment, and expression

1.6.3. English for critical analysis and evaluation

1.6.4. English for social and classroom interaction

1.6.5. English for cross-cultural knowledge and understanding

1.7. Standard Objectives

2. Two-Way Bilingual Education in District of Columbia Public Schools

2.1. Overall Primary Objetive

2.2. Language Skill Areas in Spanish

2.2.1. Speaking and Listening Standards Develop comprehension and collaboration Develop presentation of knowledge and ideas

2.2.2. Reading Standards Develop understanding of main ideas and details Develop understanding text structure Develop integration of knowledge and ideas Gain proficiency reading texts with increased difficulty and complexity

2.2.3. Writing Standards Develop proficiency writing various kinds of texts with a particular purpose Produce clear and coherent text Learn to conduct research to develop and presentation knowledge Learn to write long and short texts

2.2.4. Overall Language Standards Gain proficiency in Spanish language conventions such as grammar, orthography and punctuation Learn to apply the Spanish language in diverse situations Learn Spanish vocabulary acquisition and use

2.2.5. Standard Objectives

2.3. Language Areas in English

2.4. Grade Levels

2.4.1. Kindergarte

2.4.2. First Grade

2.4.3. Second Grade

2.4.4. Third Grade

2.4.5. Fourth Grade

2.4.6. Fifth Grade