Web Awareness/Digital Citizenship

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Web Awareness/Digital Citizenship by Mind Map: Web Awareness/Digital Citizenship

1. Digital Citizenship (Nine Elements)

1.1. Digital Acess

1.1.1. Electronic participation

1.2. Digital Commerce

1.2.1. Buying and selling of goods Effective consumers

1.3. Digital Communication

1.3.1. Exchange of info Appropriate communication decisions

1.4. Digital Literacy

1.4.1. Teaching/learning technology use Educating new technology

1.5. Digital Etiquette

1.5.1. Electronic standards, Inappropriate use

1.6. Digital Law

1.6.1. Responsibility for actions and deeds Theft, Hacking, Creating viruses

1.7. Digital Rights and Responsibilities

1.7.1. Freedoms extended to everyone in digital world Right to privacy, free speech, etc.

1.8. Digital Health and Wellness

1.8.1. Physical, psychological well-being Inherent dangers of tech

1.9. Digital Security

1.9.1. Precautions Virus protection, backup data, etc.

2. Respect, Educate and Protect (REP)

2.1. Respect yourself/Respect others

2.1.1. Etiquette, Access, Law

2.2. Educate yourself/connect with others

2.2.1. Literacy, communication, commerce

2.3. Protect yourself/protect others

2.3.1. Right and responsibilities Safety, Health and Welfare

3. Web Awareness for teachers/students

3.1. Internet Safety

3.1.1. Variety of resources/tools to promote safety for kids

3.2. Impact of Sexually Explicit Material

3.2.1. Children viewing Setting limits Online Supervision

3.3. Cyber Bullying

3.3.1. Awareness Discussing