Making Movies

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Making Movies by Mind Map: Making Movies

1. Teacher - Immersion/Taster

1.1. Animation

1.1.1. What techniques are used when animating?

1.1.2. How are animated movies made?

1.1.3. Goal = Giving it a go - Creating a walking animation Needed to be differentiated more as it was a bit difficult for some. Kids enjoyed the session. Especially those from the coding club. Next steps: Work on animations at home or lunchtimes??? Share on blogs.

1.2. Filming Techniques

1.2.1. Filming scenes from a School Journal Play Storyboarding

1.2.2. The Princess Bride - Intro What questions do you have? What do you notice? Filming Techniques Movie Re watch - The Princess Bride - Intro

1.2.3. 6 Hat Task - Filming

2. Student

2.1. Where to next?

2.1.1. Animating So what? Why Reflection

2.1.2. Movie Making So what? Why Reflection

2.1.3. Week 7 - where Why? Find a purpose.

3. Thinking

3.1. 6 Hats

3.1.1. Post session intro

3.1.2. Post Session Activities

3.2. Reflection

3.2.1. Freeze Frame Throughout

3.2.2. Blog post for homework

3.3. Self Awareness

3.3.1. How am I acting/contributing?

3.3.2. How are my actions affecting others?

3.3.3. Strengths / Weaknesses