Big Data Courses 2016

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Big Data Courses 2016 by Mind Map: Big Data Courses 2016

1. Big Data Certification

1.1. Module 1: Big Data Essentials and NoSQL

1.2. Module 2: Big Data Using Hadoop

1.3. Module 3: Business Intelligence Design&Process

1.4. Module 4: Data Scientist Essentials

1.5. 120 Hours; Thursday Evening & Saturday

2. Big Data in Action for Senior Management

3. Data Analysis Courses

3.1. Business Intelligence Design and Process

3.2. Data Visualisation Workshop

3.3. Web-based Data Visualization with JavaScript

3.4. Self-Service Business Intelligence and Analytics

4. Data Engineering Courses

4.1. Big Data using Hadoop Workshop

4.2. Big Data Programming using Hadoop for Developer

4.3. Designing NoSQL Databases for Business Application

5. Data Science Courses

5.1. Introduction to Data Science

5.2. Introduction to Machine Learning

5.3. Open Data Science workshop

5.4. R Programming for Data Scientist

5.5. Introduction to Big Data Analytics using Spark