The Orgins of Progressivism

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The Orgins of Progressivism by Mind Map: The Orgins of Progressivism

1. Four Goals of Progressiveism

1.1. Protecting Social Welfare

1.1.1. Florence Kelly- Improved factory conditions, and wanted to improve on child labor laws

1.2. Promoting Moral Improvement

1.2.1. Prohibition- was a time period where the Gov't outlawed alcohol

1.3. Creating Economic Reform

1.3.1. Muckrakers- A reporter or investigator who publishes truthful stories about social issues

1.4. Fostering Efficiency

1.4.1. Tific Management- a management fad in which studies were done to see how fast each task could be performed

2. Cleaning Up Local Gov't

2.1. Reforming Local Gov't

3. Reform At The State Level

3.1. Protecting Working Children

3.1.1. National Child Labor Committee sent investigators to see if children were working in harsh conditions.

3.2. Reform Governors

3.2.1. Robert M. La Follette was a progressive republican. Served three terms as a governor before becoming a senator.

3.3. Efforts To Limit Working Hours

3.3.1. Bunting V. Oregon In 1917 persuaded the court to uphold a ten hour workday for men.

3.4. Reforming Elections

3.4.1. Referendum is a vote by the people on a initiative.

3.4.2. Initiative allowed the people to make laws instead of just lawnmaers.

3.5. Direct Election Of Senators

3.5.1. 17th Amendment allowed people to vote for senators instead of the legislature.