The Origins of Progressivism

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The Origins of Progressivism by Mind Map: The Origins of Progressivism

1. Four goals of Progressivism

1.1. Protecting Social Welfare

1.1.1. Made changes for the better in the hard working conditions.

1.2. Promoting Moral Improvement

1.2.1. One thing they used to make improvements was prohibition.

1.3. Creating Economic Reform

1.3.1. Trying to make a balance among big bussinesses, government, and ordinary people under a free market system

1.4. Fostering Eficiency

1.4.1. They used scientific management to make fostering efficiency better.

2. Cleaning up Local Government

2.1. Reforming Local Government

2.1.1. Plays an important role in reforming city governments of destroyed cities.

2.2. Reform Mayors

2.2.1. Set up a system for the unemployed.

3. Reform at the State Level

3.1. Reform Governors

3.1.1. La Follette drove corperations out of politics and regulated big business. New node New node

3.2. Protecting Working Children

3.2.1. Reformers worked to protect workers and end child labor.

3.3. Efforts to Limit Working Hours

3.3.1. States strengthening laws to reduce men and womens hours of work.

3.4. Reforming elections

3.4.1. It gave people more rights of who to vote for and to create laws by placing an initiative.

3.5. Direct Elections of Senators

3.5.1. It was the direct primary that paved the way for the seventeenth amendament to the constitution.