The Origins of Progressivism

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The Origins of Progressivism by Mind Map: The Origins of Progressivism

1. Four Goals of Progessivism

1.1. Protecting Social Welfare

1.1.1. many reform programs were started to help aid the poor.

1.2. Promoting Moral Improvement

1.2.1. Prohibitionist groups feared that alcohal was undermining American morals.

1.3. Creating Economic Reform

1.3.1. Americans started to doubt the capitalist economic system & started to embrace socialism.

1.4. Fostering Efficiency

1.4.1. Scientists started to break manufacturing tasks into smaller parts. this was called scientific management.

2. Cleaning Up Local Government

2.1. Reforming Local Government

2.1.1. Local governments had to find experienced managers to rebuild destroyed cities.

2.2. Reform Mayors

2.2.1. In some cities, mayors introduced progressive reforms without changing how government was organized.

3. Reform At The State Level

3.1. Reform governors

3.1.1. Rober M. La Flooette wanted to drive corporations out of politics and to treat them the same as other people.

3.2. Protecting working children

3.2.1. Reformers succeded in banning child labor and setting maximum hours in almost every state.

3.3. Efforts to limit working hours

3.3.1. Women were limited to a 10 hour work day in Oregon. In 1917 the same law was for men. They succeded in winning workers compensation to aid the families of workers who were hurt or killed on the job.

3.4. Reforming elections

3.4.1. Voters instead of political machines choose candidates for public office through a special popular election.

3.5. Direct election of senators

3.5.1. The 17th amendment was ratified which let people nominate senatorial candidates in direct primaries.