PhD on Training of Teamwork in Healthcare Education

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PhD on Training of Teamwork in Healthcare Education by Mind Map: PhD on Training of Teamwork in Healthcare Education

1. How do students learn to work in a team?

2. Which methods are used to train teamwork?

3. To which extent is teamwork being trained in a medical curriculum?

3.1. To which extent is teamwork a subject of assessment?

3.2. Which methods work / don't work

3.3. Is PBL enough?

3.4. TO which extent should we be able to work in a team?

3.4.1. Can we differentiate in levels?

3.4.2. Can we differentiate in contexts?

3.4.3. Can we measure this?

4. Learning outcomes

4.1. What's the minimum level of teamwork skills expected upon graduation?

4.2. What's the optimal level of teamwork skills upon graduation?

4.3. How do we know we achieve these goals?

5. What is teamwork?

5.1. What's the difference between a group and a team?

5.2. How do you know you are a team?

5.3. Is it a learning outcome in your curriculum?

5.3.1. How do you learn it?

5.3.2. Do they test it / assess it? how?

5.3.3. Is there a national learning outcomes document? is it online / you have a copy?

5.4. Literature review

5.4.1. how is teamwork being measured?

5.5. How does personal effectiveness relate to teamwork

5.5.1. which theoretical frameworks are out there? managing self managing others

5.5.2. Which ones have most influence why? Pick most influential / most fitting to our context explain why

6. Research infrastructure

6.1. Running Medical Curricula

6.2. Zero Generation Network

6.2.1. Projects

6.3. T3SE Projects

6.3.1. Teamwork Course (1st year after pilot phase) 10 EC's Medical Faculty Elective

6.3.2. Train the trainer Course (in development)

6.4. Scientific literature

6.5. Parkinson's Disease Summerschool 2011

6.5.1. International Interdisciplinary educational event

6.5.2. Healthcare students participating

7. Can Teamwork skills promote scientific academic carreers?

7.1. If so, How?

8. You know Anyone interested Message me!

8.1. Also add them as a collaborator or viewer

9. Hosting institution

9.1. No supervision Established yet

9.2. Teamwork course for medical students is hosted at Vrije Universiteit Faculty of Life Sciences, Athena Institute

9.3. Funding: not there yet

9.4. Support

9.4.1. @paulderoos will support you to get the project Going