Origins of progressivism

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Origins of progressivism by Mind Map: Origins of progressivism

1. Cleaning up local Government

1.1. reforming mayors

1.1.1. in some cities mayors introduced progressive reforms without changing how goverment was orginized.

1.2. reforming local goverment

1.2.1. people elected a city council to make laws, and then in turn they elected a manager to run the city's departments.

2. Reform at state level

2.1. reform governors

2.1.1. Reform goveners attacked big businesses to drive them out of politics.

2.2. protecting working children

2.2.1. formed a child labor committee in 1904 and sent investigators to gather evidence of children working in harsh conditions.

2.3. efforts to limit working hours

2.3.1. states enacted and strengthened laws to reduce women's hours of work.

2.4. reforming elections

2.4.1. made laws to enabled voters, instead of political machines, to choose candidates for public office through a special popular election.

2.5. direct election of senators

2.5.1. progressives pushed for the popular election of senators.

3. Four Goals of Progressivism

3.1. creating economic reform

3.1.1. Big business often recieved favorable treatment from goverment officials and polticians and could use its economic power to limit competition.

3.2. fostering efficiency

3.2.1. progressive leaders put their faith in experts and scientific principles to make society and the workplace more efficent.

3.3. promoting moral improvement

3.3.1. these reformers wanted immigrants to uplift themselves by improving their personal behavior.

3.4. Protecting social welfare

3.4.1. the social gospel and settlement house movements of the late 1800's which aimed to help the poor through community centers, churches and social services continued during the progressive era and inspired even more reform activities.