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Using a Personal Learning System to Support Staff CPD (see link for explanation) by Mind Map: Using a Personal Learning
System to Support Staff CPD
(see link for explanation)
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Using a Personal Learning System to Support Staff CPD (see link for explanation)



Action Taken: Contacted Programme Manager and asked to Pool Resources/Ideas


Affordance: Process for identifying needs and delivering specific training for staff.



JISC: Key Resources

JISC Briefing Paper


Implications: Recognition of Language Barriers i.e. mutuality of terms. Ownership, especially where learning systems are encouraged to be used as reflective tools. Identified that e-Portfolio systms tend to require additional support in the form of tutors/mentors if they are to be adopted.


Discussion with George Roberts


Have contacted Sarah and Caroline Marcangelo, but still awaiting responses.

Meeting between Flourish People and Senior University Staff

e-Portfolio Infokit@JISCnet

Survey of Technology Enhanced Learning@AustralianFlexibleLeaningFramework

Survey of Technology Enhanced Learning@UCISA

A survey of e-pdp and e-portfolio practice in UK Higher Education@CRA

Impact of e-Portfolios on Learning@Becta

Employment Processes


Discussion with David Sowden

Technology Adoption


Staff Development



Higher Education in a Web 2.0 World

Reflective Blog Post

Web 2.0 and Policy

Effective Practice in a Digital Age

JISC Portfolio for Senior Managers

JISC Innovation and Opportunity


Contact: Mary Jacob, Project Manager, Status: Current Relevance: This is another project on the building capacity programme, which has set up a website with the purpose of sharing good practice in technology enhanced learning. This project is itself a useful hotbed of resources, since many of the themes covered are pertinent to our own project.


Contacts: Stephen Powell, Sue Burkinshaw, Status: Current. Relevance: This project, which is on the same JISC Programme, has set up a blog which details the aims and objectives, the project methodology and the anticipated outcomes from this project. It could be a useful resource if the blog ever gets updated!  


Contact: Jeremy Benson, Project Manager, Status: Current Relevance Another project run as part of the building capacity programme, this project has already proved a useful case study of how it is possible to engage in a JISC literature review and to disseminate the findings to a wider audience.


Contact: Becka Current, Project Manager, Status: Current