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Mind Meister by Mind Map: Mind Meister

1. What is Mind Meister?

1.1. Mindmeister is a program that helps you organize your thoughts

1.2. you can create mind maps that will help you branch out your ideas

1.3. presentation software that outlines mindmaps

1.4. very similar to prezi because you can make slideshows

1.5. MindMeister is unique because you can make floating topics, which is like an idea that is not connected to the rest of the mind map, but still relevant to the project.

2. What Makes a Good Media Presentation?

2.1. Visuals that stay in the audience’s head after the presentation’s done.

2.2. Details

2.3. Speak in a loud and clear voice

2.4. Detailed research (presenter should know what they’re talking about)

2.5. Videos and gifs

2.5.1. Gifs and a loud voice

2.6. Interesting topic

3. Advantages Of Mind Meister

3.1. You can add pictures, videos etc.

3.2. You can share your mind meister by embedding it to your portfolio, sharing it to the public maps section and you can also "present" it

3.3. You can turn your mind map into a slideshow like prezi

3.4. You can print it and you can add as many ideas as you want to

3.5. You can share it with people through email and they can edit your work

3.6. You can use it to organize your ideas and it saves automatically

3.7. There are lots of different templates and layouts to choose from

3.8. There's a separate section for notes

4. How Does Using Mind Meister Benefit Students?

4.1. Is a different and more effective way to show your thinking

4.1.1. Is a great software for those who learn more effectively with pictures and visuals

4.2. Is a great software for those who learn more effectively with pictures and visuals

4.3. Let’s you put in pictures, colourful lines and emoticons to makes it more interesting and intriguing

4.4. Use it to present more complicated ideas in a fun and easy to read format.

4.5. Helps to organize thoughts

5. How To Get Started With Mind Meister

5.1. Make account by going into

5.2. Create a new mind map

5.3. select a theme/layout for your mind map, this can be changed later

5.4. Choose between an Organizational chart, the Default, or a left aligned, right aligned or center one.

5.5. Start adding ideas

5.6. You can add branches, make relationships between ideas, delete them, change the colour, make it bold and add emojis

5.7. You can publish your mind map

5.8. Don't delete it because it can't be restored

6. Disadvantages Of Mind Meister

6.1. You have to make your own slides

6.2. When 2 people are working on a mind meister, you can’t see what the other person is doing

6.3. If you accidentally delete your mind map, you can’t restore it, you have to make a premium account

6.4. There's not enough space to put all your ideas

6.5. You need to make a premium account to gain more access to everything

6.6. You can't add pictures unless you have a premium account