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Jeroen Maas by Mind Map: Jeroen Maas
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Jeroen Maas

#SLSS Jeroen Maas, Athena Institute - introducing Strategic thinking and advertising Master MPA

Strategic Thinking


Intern, Strength, Weakness, Possible questions, Internal analysis, What is so special?, What is already going well, What's the added value?, On what aspects can we always count, What if it were there already?, What neeeds to be improved?, What would need improvement?, What is strong/weak in our team?, etc.

Extern, Opportunity, Threat, Questions, DEPEST-analyse, Demographical, Ecological, Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Internal Competition - Vijfkrachtenmodel (Dutch) -toetreding/uittreding barriere, Dreiging toetreders, Macht afnemers, verkrijgbaarheid complementen, substituten, interne concurrentie op de markt, macht leveranciers



Strategies for priorities




Group process

Take different perspectives to your ideas, Be the "Nightmare competitor", Policy maker, Funder, Patient, Colleague

Avoid Group think, Listen to your peers

Before starting a SWOT analysis

Define concept/service/product as clear as possible

Q & A

Not minuted