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Jeroen Maas by Mind Map: Jeroen Maas

1. #SLSS Jeroen Maas, Athena Institute - introducing Strategic thinking and advertising Master MPA

2. Strategic Thinking

2.1. SWOT

2.1.1. Intern Strength Weakness Possible questions Internal analysis

2.1.2. Extern Opportunity Threat Questions DEPEST-analyse Internal Competition - Vijfkrachtenmodel (Dutch) -toetreding/uittreding barriere

2.2. Confrontationmatrix

2.3. Priorities

2.4. Strategies for priorities

2.4.1. Analysis

2.4.2. Planning

2.4.3. Design

2.5. Group process

2.5.1. Take different perspectives to your ideas Be the "Nightmare competitor" Policy maker Funder Patient Colleague

2.5.2. Avoid Group think Listen to your peers

3. Before starting a SWOT analysis

3.1. Define concept/service/product as clear as possible

4. Q & A

4.1. Not minuted