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Clone Site by Mind Map: Clone Site

1. Base/Parent

1.1. Modules

1.1.1. Custom Script

1.1.2. Headlines

1.1.3. Single Column

1.1.4. Double Column

1.1.5. Triple Column

1.1.6. Image Box

1.1.7. Gateway

1.1.8. Galleries

1.1.9. FAQ

1.1.10. Section Divider

1.2. Events Template

1.2.1. List View

1.2.2. Single Even layout

1.2.3. Category View

1.2.4. No Events

1.2.5. Header

1.3. Base and iframe base

1.4. Javascript

1.4.1. Gravity Forms Clientside Validation

1.4.2. iFloorplans Flash Test

1.4.3. Magnific Calls

1.4.4. Match Height Calls

1.4.5. Parent Theme Snippets Gravity Forms Scripts

1.4.6. Plugins iFrame Resize Scripts Font Resizer Magnific Match Height

1.5. Fuctions

1.5.1. Assets Enqueue Google Fonts Set Enqueue Dev Styles Enqueue Theme Styles Add Scripts if iframe parameter

1.5.2. Extras Add Body Class Excerpt Cleanup Remove h1&h2 from WYSIWYG Add titles to events page Video Embed alteration Add Logo to login page Enable Theme Options Pages Block Robots on Dev SVG Upload Allowed Show Menu Shortcode Create css file from theme options Clientside Validation Custom walker to make menu have buttons Custom Conditional Tag if sidebar is empty

1.5.3. Final ACF for content modules as php

1.5.4. Modules

1.5.5. Setup Added Image Sizes XL and MAX Unregister not supported widgets

1.6. Dev Css

1.7. Theme Styles

2. Clone/Child

2.1. Styles

2.1.1. Text resize only effect text in content

2.2. ACF Files

2.3. Client side form validation

2.4. Mobile menu

2.5. Photo Gallery

2.6. Modules

2.7. Home page template

2.8. Font resizer html

2.9. Functions/Settings

2.9.1. Enable Menues

2.9.2. Enable Widget Area

2.9.3. Enable Sidebars

2.9.4. Enqueue CSS/JS

2.9.5. Turn on/off theme options tabs

3. Product/Child

3.1. Styles

3.1.1. Text resize only effect text in content

3.1.2. Add site-settings.php (shows theme set styles)

3.2. ACF Files

3.3. Client side form validation

3.4. Mobile menu

3.5. Photo Gallery

3.6. Modules

3.7. Home page template

3.8. Font resizer html

3.9. Functions/Settings

3.9.1. Enable Menues

3.9.2. Enable Widget Area

3.9.3. Enable Sidebars

3.9.4. Enqueue CSS/JS

3.9.5. Turn on/off theme options tabs

3.9.6. Change theme options to site settings Main Tab Logo favicon colors fonts

4. Plugin : Wireframe

5. Plugin : Button option in WYSIWYG