Chapter Six Output

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Chapter Six Output by Mind Map: Chapter Six Output

1. output device

1.1. Printers

1.1.1. nonimpact printer Ink‐jet printers Photo printers Laser printers Thermal printers Mobile Label and Largeprinters postage printers Plotters format printers

1.1.2. multifunction peripheral (MFP)

1.1.3. Impact printers

1.2. Speakers, headphones, and earbuds

1.2.1. audio output device Headphones Earbuds

1.3. Data projectors

1.4. Interactive whiteboards

1.5. Force‐feedback game controllers

1.6. Display devices

1.6.1. monitor Liquid crystal display (LCD) Widescreen

1.6.2. Plasma monitors

1.6.3. CRT monitor

1.7. Tactile output

2. Other Output Devices

2.1. data projector