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Energy by Mind Map: Energy

1. Electrical Energy

1.1. BookDef: Energy associated with electrical charges

1.2. MyDef: Energy in electricity

1.3. Ex: Battery

1.4. Ex: Lightning

2. Electromagnetic Energy

2.1. BookDef: A form of energy consisting of changing electric and magnetic fields

2.2. MyDef: All different kinds of energy released into space

2.3. Ex: Gama rays

2.4. Ex: X-Rays

3. Nuclear Energy

3.1. BookDef: Energy Stored in atomic nuclei

3.2. Ex: Nuclear Power Plant

3.3. Ex: Sun

3.4. Ex: Fusion

4. Potential Energy

4.1. Definition: energy that is stored as a result of position or shape.

4.2. Ex: Strings on a Chello

4.3. Ex: Gravitational Energy

4.4. Own Words: Stored Energy

5. Mechanical Energy

5.1. Definition: energy associated with the motion and position

5.2. Ex: Atoms

5.3. Ex: Molecules

5.4. Own Words: Energy that has to do with motion

6. Chemical Energy

6.1. Definition: energy stored in chemical bonds.

6.2. Ex: Coal

6.3. Ex: Gasoline Being used

6.4. Own Words: All chemical Compounds

7. Kinetic Energy

7.1. Definition: The energy of motion

7.2. Ex: Speeding car

7.3. Ex:Airplane In air

7.4. Own Words: Depends upon its mass and speed

8. Thermal Energy

8.1. BookDef:Total potential and kinetic energy related to the motion of all the particles in an object

8.2. MyDef: Potential and kinetic energy in one

8.3. Ex: Fire

8.4. Ex: Boiling water