Dance forward thinking

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Dance forward thinking by Mind Map: Dance forward thinking

1. Studios

1.1. space needs to be dedicate

1.1.1. appropriate floor

1.1.2. mirrors floor to ceiling

1.1.3. bar?

1.1.4. How many spaces? Studio 1 furniture/equipment, projector etc Studio 2 furniture/equipment, projector etc more (hope not)

1.2. needs to be kept clean at all times

1.2.1. hygiene reasons dance students need to be on the floor - sometimes face down

1.2.2. Safety - prevent injury grit and other foreign bodies can cause skin to roll of in some injuries

1.2.3. General use These spaces should be ideally not allow ‘street shoes’ for hygiene purposes.

2. What other equipment is needed?

2.1. mats?

2.2. what else?

3. Management of spaces?

3.1. access

3.2. other people use

3.3. supervision?

3.4. dance events eg Culturama

4. Budget for next year?

4.1. running the program

4.1.1. Specific units Budget for Dover - $6000 for GCSE +IBDP Workshops for ‘world dance’ unit - exploring different styles - Classical Indian, African dance, Irish dance etc Visiting teacher choreographers for teaching solo/duet unit. ( I can teach most genres but it depends how much time I have with coaching after school.) Attending performances by professional companies.

4.2. events budget

4.2.1. charging for performances? is there scope for self-funding?

4.3. This years dance showcase - not funded?

4.3.1. Budget - Does this come from the paid program? Costumes - to be finalised by 1st week Jan 2016. Props - as below ( to be finalized) 2 rectangular tables with wheels 1 bench 12 round trays 8 Black hats 10 red umbrellas 20 thin strips of stretchy cloth ( used as bands to connect two dancers) 3 white rectangular frames with wheels.

4.3.2. Yoshi

5. Big considerations

5.1. staffing

5.2. budget

5.3. spaces for studios

5.4. who uses them - who is in charge of them?

5.5. who else needs to be included in discussions?

5.5.1. whose toes are likely to be trodden on due to later introduction of the subject

6. Other needs

6.1. Admin assistant lead up and during dance events

7. Lots of questions at this time - answers not expected