What does the TC do?

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What does the TC do? by Mind Map: What does the TC do?

1. Support

1.1. Minimal Trouble Shooting

1.1.1. Help fix minor software glitches

1.2. Create learning resouces for teachers

1.2.1. Spreadsheets to help teachers with district benchmark test. These spreadsheets can generate list according to set criteria

1.3. Colloborate with teachers in inplementing technology in the school

1.3.1. IRM- results manager used to predict at risk students.

1.3.2. Learning Village

1.4. Help teachers with grant writing for technology projects

2. Administration

2.1. Coordinate budget

2.1.1. Prioritize spending

2.1.2. Providing resources

2.2. Work with vendors

2.2.1. Avermedia document camera pilot program

2.3. Maintain inventory of hardware in the county

3. Management

3.1. Create and maintain techonology plan

3.1.1. Develop a plan that meets State requirements or funding criteria

3.1.2. Develop an user acceptable policy

3.2. Manage team of technology specialist

3.3. Identify new trends

3.3.1. Attend ISTE conference, keep up with new development

3.4. Manage the county website