Presentation Planning

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Presentation Planning by Mind Map: Presentation Planning

1. Project Initiation

1.1. Plan intro

1.1.1. Recruit Project Sponsor

1.1.2. Recruit Project Manager

1.1.3. Review Related Projects and Lessons Learned

1.1.4. Prepare Project Initiation Plan

1.1.5. Brief the Initial Project Team

1.1.6. Review Project Kick-off Plans and Presentation Map

1.1.7. Hold Project Kick-off Meeting

1.2. • Who is your audience (e.g., people in your own age group, business executives in the entertainment industry, potential clients)?

1.2.1. I believe my audience will be of all ages. I will be offering something that can help them so long as they wish to record music. It doesn’t matter what age you are. I can provide a studio for those who play instruments for those who may be a artist, such as singers and rappers etc. I consider these people potential clients I can also appeal to business executives whom may have artist they want to send to the studio.

1.3. What type of information is important to the particular group you will be presenting to?

1.3.1. I will explain to both client or executive that I will be offering the best quality sound for the lowest price. As well as shaping and modeling the artist with vocal training. Working hand to hand with the artist on artist development.

1.4. What do you want this audience to do (or think about) after your presentation?

1.4.1. I want both parties to feel as if it would not be smart to go any other studio besides mine because they benefit the most working with me.

1.5. • ‣  Detail your flow of ideas - the beginning, middle, and end of your story . You can represent this through a mind map, basic outline, sparkline, etc. Be sure to include the important takeaway from the presentation (STAR: Something They’ll Always Remember)

1.5.1. Here is a flow of ideas I plan to use to help assist me in my presentation. Some of the key points I wish to hit during it also. In the beginning I want to explain to my audience how music is under produced and over rated. Why people need to change the way they make music now in days. How even themselves contribute to the decline of great music. How times have changed and music substance has lessened. I try to relate to my executives assuming they are older. Throwing out some great musical classics and their impacts. For the younger crowd that I can probably relate to more ill go more in debt about the current music we have now. Why is it being dumbed down to manipulate our youth. In the end I will have a star moment something they will always remember even after I present. My star moment will be when I I explain im giving away a free sessions toward the end of my presention to the raffle winner.

1.6. • ‣  Thoroughly explain the true message you want to convey to your audience. In other words, express why are you doing this presentation and what result you hope to have.

1.6.1. I plan on taking the audience to focus on the music production and why the quality in capturing the moment is important. How my teachings will bring better life to there songs. Plus the attributes of my studio. It will be a facility where we will have mastering, we will have production, and film in one building. You can build your brand your self as and artist next project all in the same studio. Towards the end I will explain how packaging your self as and artist. Or for the executives packaging all of the artist the right way. With a full focal point on each artist and great sound will lead to great music in the long run. I'm doing this because I love music and I'm really upset where music has gone in its entirly. Feel like artist now in days don't spend enough quality time in the studio working on good music. I feel like the artist is sometimes forced to deliver projects in a untimely matter. Making the artist half step there projects. I want artist to come to my facility and have a lock out time to produce great music. Under my guidance and knowledge I will get graduating from full-sail. I wish to be able to convey a system that allows the artist enough time to produce, write and record there material. Still allowing them to be able to present to the labels and public in a timely order.

2. Project Control

2.1. ‣ What tools are you planning to use for this presentation? Why did you choose these tools over others? ‣ Consider the tools needed for your production and presentation delivery phases.

2.1.1. There will be many tools I am going to use for this presentation. For starts I will need a projector to upload my presentation to. I will need a clicker to move through my slid. I will need a raffle bucket so the audience can pick from to win their free session. I will need a flyer form, with the info of when and where they can use there winnings at. I will need a statistic sheet of the music prices from a major label and prices from someone who may be up and coming and can't afford the full package. I will use and microphone to talk to my audience so everyone can hear me clear. I will bring in a mix for my listeners to listen to for a refrence. I will display pictures from the studio so they can get a visual of where they will be going to. I choose these tools over anything else because it will help me be most effective.

2.2. • ‣  Consider the obstacles you may have during the production and delivery of this presentation. What biases or strong feelings will your audience have against your ideas? For instance, are you trying to persuade your audience to do something that is outside their comfort zone or line of business? How will you overcome these hurdles?

2.2.1. There will be some things in the way of me capturing my audience but for the most part everyone in my audience does listen to music. So they would want to see better music come even if there not the ones making the music. I believe they will all have a strong opinion about music because of the impact music has on almost everyone in the world. Some negative some positive but over all good music is good music. Its why people in different countries may not be able to speak our language but they can still sing our songs. Music is a very universal message.

2.3. • ‣  Share your thoughts on what you think will be the hardest parts of this presentation in both production and delivery.

2.3.1. I don’t think ill have to work extremely hard on keeping my audience. The hardest part I think will be me getting to use my resources after hearing the presentation. Not everyone im going to present to will be a artist or know someone who is a artist needing studio time. I know that my industry takes advantage of a lot of upcoming artist. When your on the rise you don’t always have the money or support to pursue your career. I make things affordable for the person trying to get in our industry. Which allows that person or group to focus more on distributing there content then actually making the material. I find this part of the industry very limbo. Some people know they want to make music but have no idea how to go about it. It’s the most interesting state to me because its like a new born baby it’s a genuine state. That person hasn’t learned to manipulate others in their words. Its sometimes the purest form of emotions. I feel like the most effective is visual and emotion.

3. Project Closure

3.1. What knowledge do you have of the industry you are striving to enter?

3.1.1. I like to believe I have a lot of knowledge in my industry. Im 24 years old now and I've been creating music since I was 13. Thats almost ten years of studying and producing music. My dad worked at a label called murder inc. I got to see some of my favorite artist behind the scenes. In the lable setting where deals are closed and development happens. I still remember the day I wrote my first verse. Or even when my father taught me how to count measures in a song. Since the age 13 to 14 I've never looked at music the same.

3.2. What is your target industry? What are a few interesting points about this industry? Why do you find them interesting?

3.2.1. My target industry is music engineering and music production in any genre. My strongest points would be in r&b and hip hop but as a creator I know not to set limitations. I find this industry most interesting because its had a big impact and influence in my life. Growing up in the bronx new york my dad would bring me to major studios and i got to meet many of the pioneers in the industry. I was already exposed to my passion before i was even 14. Having such a close connection with the music industry is mainly why i keep it my forefront plan..

3.3. What do you see as your next steps in this industry after graduation? ‣ What qualities/skills does your industry look for?

3.3.1. I see myself doing amazing things upon graduation. Im extremely focused and my ambition has even landed me a internship in 192 recordings studios not to far from campus. With Full Sail sharpening my knowledge I will be able to generate hits for the near future. I have some songs I wish to publish and a label I'm building from the ground up. I want my music in rotation and some great artist developed with the help of my label. I know my industry looks for people to have done a lot of the foot work them selfs before you can get any major backing. So if I continue on this route myself and whoever I'm pushing will have complete packaged material ready for distribution.

3.4. ‣ What types of strategies could you see yourself employing to communicate yourself in your brand? How will you use these strategies to differentiate yourself from others?

3.4.1. The main strategies I plain on using is my visuals and audios backing the work I've done. As well as my degree, intern letter, and certificates to prove me credentials. A lot of people can talk about what there going to do. I have the proper credential to back everything I wish to do. Most of the people I will be graduating with don't have the experience I have currently. Let alone the hands on training and over ten years of recording in my own studio setting. My dad having worked in the industry also gives me and advantage. It opens the doors to be qualified to use his connections.

3.5. ‣ In your particular industry, what forms of presentation (visual and oral) are effective?

3.5.1. The main strategies I plain on using is my visuals and audios backing the work I've done. As well as my degree, intern letter, and certificates to prove me credentials. A lot of people can talk about what there going to do. I have the proper credential to back everything I wish to do. Most of the people I will be graduating with don't have the experience I have currently. Let alone the hands on training and over ten years of recording in my own studio setting. My dad having worked in the industry also gives me and advantage. It opens the doors to be qualified to use his connections.

3.6. Of the presentation strategies you observed or learned about this month, which would be the most valuable to you to develop and employ for your specific industry?

3.6.1. The best presentations I watched where the ones that the person had some kind of emotional attachment to what their talking about. You can feel their passion spewing through each peek point of their presentation. I find these to be most effective.

3.7. • ‣  How are you unique or how will you excel in this industry? What knowledge/ skills will you have mastered as a result of your education at Full Sail University that will allow you to succeed in the industry? What is your specialty as you finish your degree? What are your unique interests?

3.7.1. Im unique because I of my experience and talent in music. These are the reasons I will excel and progress in my industry. You can have good knowledge in this industry but with out any experience its harder to do it the right way. Full sail has allowed me to professionally organize my talent and business proposals. It gives me the ability to generate good music as well as close a deal which is crucial in my industry. Or you can end up in bad situation. The objective is to work smart not hard. This industry can take a lot out of you mentally and physically. ddd

3.8. • ‣  Referencing your program’s courses, imagine what you will have already done. Consider course descriptions, potential portfolio projects, and goals for projects you want to complete or work on as a student (e.g., your student film or business idea development). You may have gained expertise with industry- specific software, publications, development processes, specific equipment, etc.

3.8.1. My course descriptions allows me to master music. Most people don't actually master their material. Actually most of the time people make reference songs. My portfolio will show contain a mastered EP. A cumulation of instrumentals to continue building other artist b sides myself. A team of engineers, producers, and organizers to help keep the label and faculty generating income. I will know how to work all the softwares that will allow me to build the upcoming projects and back everything I wish to do.