BA 207 Corporate Finance

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BA 207 Corporate Finance by Mind Map: BA 207 Corporate Finance

1. Coverage

1.1. 1. Financing (Capital-Raising)

1.1.1. Internal sources By retention of operating cash Most common method

1.1.2. External sources IPO Primary markets Secondary markets Financial market components Money market Capital market Organized Exchanges Over-the-Counter (OTC)

1.2. 2. Capital Budgeting

1.2.1. Step 1. identifying potential investments

1.2.2. Step 2. analyzing those investments to identify which will create shareholder value

1.2.3. Step 3. implementing and monitoring the investments selected in step 2

1.3. 3. Financial Management

1.3.1. a. Managing daily cash inflows and outflows

1.3.2. b. Forecasting cash balances

1.3.3. c. Building a long-term financial plan

1.3.4. d. Choosing the right mix of debt and equity

1.4. 4. Corporate Governance

1.4.1. Hires and promotes qualified, honest people, and structures employees’ financial incentives to motivate them to maximize firm value

1.4.2. Dimensions of corporate governance Board of Directors Securities & Exchange Commission Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002

1.5. 5. Risk Management

1.5.1. Identifying, measuring, and managing all types of risk exposures

1.5.2. Some risks are insurable, and some risks can be reduced through diversification.

1.5.3. Financial instruments like forwards, futures, options, and swaps may also be used to hedge market risks such as interest-rate, price, and currency fluctuations.

1.5.4. Create value by managing risks.

2. Grading Scheme

2.1. Topic Presentation 50%

2.1.1. Report is consistent and effectively sells its recommendations

2.1.2. Presentation is professionally done

2.1.3. Report is not long, 2000 words max

2.2. Class participation 20%

2.2.1. Contextual

2.2.2. Innovative

2.2.3. Insightful

2.2.4. Relevant

2.2.5. Supported

2.3. Course End Requirements 30%

2.3.1. Final Exam 50% Bring exam admission slip Last meeting Use official exam notebook Coverage (all focus questions not covered in the discussions)

2.3.2. Case Analysis 50% Recommendations Criteria for selecting alternative recommendations are given Criteria are appropriate Plan of action is logical linked to the analysis Plan of action is specific, complete and practical Recommendations are likely to achieve intended results Exhibits Analyses in the exhibits are done correctly Exhibits support and clarify key points Not more than 7 exhibits Quality analysis Major issues are addressed Relevant tools are used properly Assumptions for analysis are stated clearly Causes of the problems are identified in the analysis

3. Class format

3.1. Addressing Focus Questions

3.2. Dialogues& Discussions

3.3. Preparation & Participation

3.4. Case Study Analysis

4. Background