Simple Machines

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Simple Machines by Mind Map: Simple Machines

1. Work

1.1. An activity involving mental or physical energy being done.

1.2. Examples- Moving a box into a moving truck.

1.3. W=FxD

2. Power

2.1. The amount of energy put out.

2.2. Examples- How hard it is to move a box.

2.3. p=FxD/T

3. Mechanical advantage

3.1. The ratio of force produced by a machine to the force applied.

3.2. Example- How much a lever works.

3.3. M/A=Input/output

4. Incline planes

4.1. A plain inclined at a angle

4.2. Example- a ramp into a moving truck.

5. Wedge

5.1. An object that has one thick end and one tapered end that is used to drive two parts apart or to secure them.

5.2. A wood wedge, a door stop.

6. Screw

6.1. A metal object with a thread that runs up and down to drive it into and join two objects.

6.2. Examples- Dry wall screw, wood screw, and self tapping screw.

7. Wheel and axel

7.1. A simple machine consisting of a large wheel connected to a smaller wheel or shaft called a axle.

7.2. A car, a bike, a skateboard.

8. Pulley

8.1. It relates to a simple machine by not having a motor.

8.2. A wheel on a axel or shaft that is used to pull an object

8.3. Example- engine lift

9. 1st class levers

10. 2nd class levers

11. 3rd class levers