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Man School by Mind Map: Man School

1. Diet

1.1. Gotta have meat

1.2. Chunky

1.3. Food is just fuel

2. Attire

2.1. The James Bonds of the World

2.1.1. Makes up for wearing fancy pants Can fight Athletic License to kill

2.2. The Working Man

2.2.1. There's no need to dress up to get dirty

2.2.2. Does jobs your pansy ass is too good to do

3. Man Etiquette

3.1. Burping

3.2. Nose picking

3.3. Farting

4. Fitness

4.1. A real man is naturally fit

4.2. You WOULD be naturally fit if you exercised more

5. What a Man is

5.1. Force of nature

5.2. Bright flame

5.3. Warrior

5.4. Out of place in modern society

5.5. Is in control of himself.

5.6. Self-aware

6. Man Philosophy

6.1. A deal is a deal

6.2. Action is better than words

6.3. Work is work

7. Hygiene

7.1. Hand washing

7.2. Out of sight, out of mind

7.3. Real men do not smell froofy

7.4. Shower/shave

8. Education

8.1. Ignorance is not a problem

8.2. Smart is OK; but don't drink the kool-aid

9. Responsibility

9.1. Show up to work hung over

9.2. Man lives up to his obligations

9.3. Man is a steward

10. Family

10.1. A real man supports his family

10.2. Mommying is for mommies.

10.3. Marriage

10.3.1. If the wife ain't happy, nobody is happy

10.3.2. You need to pick somebody who is good for you

10.4. Man is the strength in the family

11. Faith

11.1. Real men believe in God

11.2. Real men answer to God

12. Man Code of Ethics

12.1. A real man protects his people.

12.2. A real man does not beat his family.

12.3. A real man creates value in the world