Internet tools

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Internet tools by Mind Map: Internet tools

1. Web Poster Wizard

1.1. Allows teachers to create a lesson, worksheet, or class page and immediately publish it online.

1.2. Teachers can set up classes and assign projects to students.

1.3. Teachers can add images and links to the page.

2. Quiz Star

2.1. Teachers can manage classes and quizzes.

2.2. Teachers can attach multimedia files to the questions.

2.3. Students can complete and review the quizzes.

3. ToonDoo

3.1. Students can create their own comic strip which can be populated with the characters they create using ToonDoo's Traitr widget.

3.2. Students can express themselves in a more creative way.

4. Note Star

4.1. Note Star assists in the preparation of research paper by allowing students and teachers to set up research projects with topics and subtopics.

4.2. Students can collect and organize their notes and prepare their bibliography.

5. Think Tank

5.1. Think Tank helps students develop a research organizer for reports and projects.

5.2. Students can refine it their research subject by choosing from a variety of suggestions, which helps by teaching them how to refine a subject so that it is more manageable for Internet research.