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Peldi Guilizzoni - SchnitzelConf by Mind Map: Peldi Guilizzoni -
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Peldi Guilizzoni - SchnitzelConf


Peldi Guilizzoni Bologna, IT

Peldi Guilizzoni is the cheerful head honcho behind Balsamiq Mockups, the hottest (and most profitable) thing to hit wireframing since gluesticks. Peldi is Schnitzelconf-o-matic because: He not only took his product from spare-time to $2 million, he's also a true mensch!

Job Evolution of a successful, bootstrapped single-founder who doesn't want to grow too much., Doing the time, blogging, speaking, leading, ux books, keywords, coding, Be a sponge. do the 10k hours. become the best, Making it real, up the coding - 70%, decrease the others, Deliver Alpha. customer development., Be 'On Something', Making the Jump, 50% coding, competition, biz, webmaster, keywords, I didn't plan on selling a desktop version, now makes up 80% of our revenue, Launching, coding decreases, blogging, sales, support, biz, buzz, competition, metrics, webmaster, keywords, Some Traction!, Blogging, coding, sales, support, biz, buzz, competition, metrics, webmaster, Gaining Momentum, team, blogging, speaking, leading, sales, support, biz, buzz, competition, metrics, webmaster, coding- 30%, Growth, coding, team, blogging, speaking, leading, sales, support, biz, buzz, competition, Prepare to scale. Fill out the team. Make excellence the norm., Team in place, team, speaking, leading, sales, support, biz, buzz, competition, coding, Cultivate team. Prepare for real scale, Sustain, team, blogging, leading, sales, support, biz, buzz, competition, metrics, webmaster, ux books, keywords, coding

Metrics are great for optimizing, put it out there, and then optimize it, talk to your customers

Presentation available at:

Questions, Do you miss the coding?, yes. it's one of my goals to return to coding, people tell you: "as a CEO you're not going to be able to code anymore.", If i let the coding go, i feel like the company is a bit weaker., How did you track these numbers?, some are made up, Startup marketing advice, Peldi's blog, pricing attitude change?, give people a product/they pay, simple, free?, are you kidding?, either you're google or it's not going to work, Time Machine to younger self, learn about TDB sooner, automate admin stuff first, it's always worth the time to automate stuff first, do it in the beginning, and never experience the pain.


Where will Schnitzelconf be held? In a nasty 1980s hotel ballroom? NO! In a sea of fusty faux red velour that's been crushed by 5 decades of butts in suits? No! Behind the lion, up the stairs… Yes, we're holding our conference in Vienna's incredible Museum of Natural History! It's the center of everything, and so easy to get to, with scenery that can't be beat. And, by the way, we'll have the museum to ourselves. We'll have snacks and lunch in this very (gorgeous) lobby, and the gorgeous staircases and scenery will be ours to look upon while we munch, chat, query, and connect. It's gonna rule!


SchnitzelConf is a 1-day, full-contact conference in Vienna, Austria on September 7. The focus: creating products, launching businesses, and charging real money.


You'll meet and learn from the founders of successful bootstrapped businesses—including Software as a Service, downloadable software, and digital goods. Hard-won knowledge will be shared. Fun will be had. Wine will be drunk. Inspiration will be sparked.


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