Web 2.0 Tools by Heather Relford and Kayla Kitterman

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Web 2.0 Tools by Heather Relford and Kayla Kitterman by Mind Map: Web 2.0 Tools by Heather Relford and Kayla Kitterman

1. Content Collection Tools

1.1. Padlet

1.1.1. https://padlet.com Collect and save content in one place

1.2. Thing Link

1.2.1. https://www.thinglink.com Collect and save content

2. Questioning/Inquiring Tools

2.1. Answer Garden

2.1.1. https://answergarden.ch/ Post a question and anyone can answer

2.2. Today's Meet

2.2.1. www.todaysmeet.com Chat feature for students - ask questions, have online discussions

2.3. Poll Everywhere

2.3.1. www.polleverywhere.com Post a question and students submit answers

2.4. Survey Monkey

2.4.1. www.surveymonkey.com Create and share online surveys

3. Learning Management Systems

3.1. Schoology

3.1.1. https://www.schoology.com Learning Management System

3.2. Google Classroom

3.2.1. https://classroom.google.com Cloud based classroom - add students, create assignments and announcements

3.3. Edmodo

3.3.1. https://www.edmodo.com Connects students for collaboration

3.4. Wiggio

3.4.1. https://wiggio.com Collaboration tool for students - virtual meetings, calendar, to do list, and document sharing

4. Presentation Tools

4.1. Prezi

4.1.1. https://www.prezi.com Presentation software using motion, zoom, and spatial relationships to create engaging presentations.

4.2. Google Slides

4.2.1. https://www.google.com/slides/about/ Create, collaborate, and edit presentations from anywhere.

4.3. Animoto

4.3.1. https://www.animoto.com Combine videos and pictures to create videos

4.4. Storybird

4.4.1. http://www.storybird.com Create simple story books online.

5. Gaming Tools

5.1. Kahoot!

5.1.1. www.kahoot.it Quizzing tool that turns the quiz into games

5.2. Quizizz

5.2.1. https://www.quizizz.com Multiple choice quizzes

5.3. Fun Brain

5.3.1. www.funbrain.com Online educational games

6. Teacher Tools

6.1. Epals

6.1.1. https://www.epals.com Collaborate with educators around the world

6.2. My Project Pages

6.2.1. https://community.openproject.org/projects/my-project-page Source software for project management where teachers can create online PBL projects for students.

6.3. Citelighter

6.3.1. https://www.citelighter.com Allows teachers to set up lessons to help students with every step of the writing process.

6.4. Bloglines

6.4.1. https://www.bloglines.com Web based aggregator to help teachers stay up to date with education news

7. Writing Tools/ ELA Tools

7.1. Grammarly

7.1.1. https://www.grammarly.com Online grammar checker

7.2. Scrible

7.2.1. https://www.scrible.com Online website annotation tool