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PrintPass by Mind Map: PrintPass

1. PrintPass Specifics

1.1. PrintPass Elevator Pitch (Video)

1.1.1. iPad Market Dominant tablet in the education market for years Reports in 2014 say iPad has over 90% of tablet share in education alone Lagging iOS feature Multiple user profiles have been available on Android devices for since 2012

1.1.2. Features Utilizing the fingerprint home button on an iOS device, the PrintPass app would allow unique users of a single, shared device to create user profiles. Students sharing iPads between peers or between classrooms would no longer have to sign in and out of every personal account within each app on the iPad after use All current software with individual sign-in could be linked (Google, DropBox, Kidblog, IXL, Evernote) Allows pairing of multiple third-party apps with a one-time sign-in Robust security to protect student data

1.1.3. Pain Point solution Saves precious instructional time in signing in to devices Cloud-based, so students can access their profiles easily at home, provided the apps are loaded onto that device

1.1.4. Lack of competition

1.2. PrintPass Venture Pitch (Video)

1.2.1. Elevator pitch Elaboration on: Market Features Pain Point solution Lack of competition

1.2.2. Product Segment Overview The work the technology does (a singular task) infrastructure & efficiency tool

1.2.3. Market Overview Include all marketable areas and full descriptions (listed elsewhere in this map)

1.2.4. Strengths A viable solution for classrooms that are not 1:1 or BYOD and face sign-in issues and/or the need to utilize group shared folders These are workarounds that many teachers are not aware of in the first place. It takes a lot of technology training and a great understanding of the affordances of cloud-based infrastructure to be able to come up with these solutions. PrintPass, in its very nature, bypasses that need. PrintPass is cloud-based storage of your account information through your fingerprint - sign into all of your accounts on any iOS device anywhere in the world (provided the iOS device you sign into hosts the third-party apps you'd like to sign into) Numerous Market Possibilities (elaborated) Education Commercial Medical Museums and Historical Sites

1.2.5. Limitations iOS Specific This product focuses on schools that provide iOS-specific devices for students. It is not platform agnostic due to the limitations of other hardware (no fingerprint technology) &/or multi-user abilities already built into other platforms Updated Hardware all devices need to be updated to iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 or higher, or iPad Mini 3 or higher to utilize the fingerprint censor portion of this app. This would also work with iPhone 5S or higher. Touch ID Is not available on the iPod Apple Development Race? Rumours are flying about multi-user functionality coming to iPad, and have been for years iNinja video points to possibility that it might be coming. Video & design concept created by Apple fans.

2. Venture Analyst Thinking

2.1. Pain Point

2.1.1. Multi-user sign-in is not available on iOS devices

2.1.2. A lot of time is spent in schools with students signing in and out of accounts

2.2. Solution

2.2.1. PrintPass requires for the student to sign-in to create their profile once, and following that, they may use their thumbprint to have their accounts in multiple apps sign in automatically

2.2.2. Students may return to their PrintPass profile to add new app accounts at any time

2.2.3. quick access to educational app partners Growing list of supported personalized applications, data saved and accessible no matter where you log in.

2.3. Differentiation

2.3.1. There is no other multi-user solution for iPads, currently

2.4. Marketing

2.4.1. Social Media

2.4.2. Blog Featured Educator program

2.4.3. Educational conferences

2.4.4. Product networking Google Apps iCloud Apps Evernote Suite DropBox Facebook Instagram Twittter IXL Discovery Education Kidblog Wordpress Weebly Explain Everything Spelling City

2.4.5. TV Commercials

2.4.6. Direct mail/email campaign Target buyers Target champions Teachers Educational support workers

2.5. Championship

2.5.1. Classroom teacher and technology coach experience

2.5.2. Trying to save teachers' most precious commodity in the classroom: time

2.5.3. As a teacher myself, I constantly work with the frustrations of managing individual student accounts over multiple platforms and applications in an environment where every child doesn’t have their own device.

2.6. Competition

2.6.1. Currently none

2.6.2. Many Apple fan blogs have been heavily speculating whether the development a multi-user platform native to iOS is coming

2.7. The Ask

2.7.1. $1M

2.8. The Return

2.8.1. 1 year for release; 3 years for ROI. Aggressive campaign including heavy marketing to beat the technology giant to the punch

3. General Company Information

3.1. What is it?

3.1.1. PrintPass is a fingerprint-censored sign-in system for iPads, iPods, or iPhones that stores and applies personal account information across third-party apps available on the iOS device.

3.2. Items to be Delivered

3.2.1. iOS app that utilizes the fingerprint sensor as a third-party utility

3.2.2. Can also provide Passcode capabilities for those who do not have up-to-date devices (do not have fingerprint sensor)

3.2.3. Ability to link third-party applications such as Drive, DropBox, Mail, etc.; then move to education specific apps

3.2.4. Cloud-enabled, to allow users to utilize their sign-ins across multiple devices, provided that the device being signed into already hosts the third-party apps

3.3. Extent

3.3.1. Cloud-based memory in system based on fingerprint (one-time linkage, add more accounts later)

3.3.2. Robust security

3.3.3. Will not include financial applications for commercial use (security issue and not primary market)

4. Entrepreneurial Perspectives

4.1. Market Possibiliites & Buyers

4.1.1. K-12 Predominantly programs w/ >1:1 iOS device access Buyers Superintendents CTOs Individual Teachers Principals Sectors K-3 (high target) 4-7 (high target) 8-12 (moderate target - many students have own device that teacher takes advantage of)

4.1.2. Commercial Families Shared workplace devices (I.e. Utilizing iPad as POS, could provide unique user log-ins to track transactions more effectively)

4.1.3. Medical Hospital Directors Managers of units/wards w/ shared devices

4.1.4. Museums/Historical Sites Exhibit Managers

4.1.5. Restaurants Shared device ordering or POS transactions

4.2. Type of Offering

4.2.1. Infrastructure for iOS devices

4.3. Global target

4.3.1. Anglophone countries, initially

4.3.2. European market, secondly

4.3.3. Asian market, thirdly

4.4. Market status

4.4.1. Local market: strong. People have been asking for multi-user capabilities on iOS devices for years

4.4.2. Opportunity space Over 90% of tablets in schools are iOS devices. Schools unlikely to switch after years of professional investment in a platform. Any new devices purchased will have the fingerprint technology that PrintPass thrives upon

4.5. Competition

4.5.1. Many Apple fan blogs have been heavily speculating whether the development a multi-user platform native to iOS is coming Sources as early as 2013 Apple fans are even going to far as to prototype the concept themselves, like the iNinja video that came out in mid-2014 Apple hasn't embraced this concept for the reason that iOS devices are intended to be personal devices. While the idea hasn't been embraced by the tech giant yet, we need to strike while the iron is hot. Bigger ask on investment, 1 year development turn-around, return on investment in 3 years. Would spend a bulk of investment on heavy marketing

4.6. Market Readiness

4.6.1. 1 year

4.7. Exit Strategy

4.7.1. Become acquired like a password security company such as Keeper

4.7.2. Become acquired by Apple, Inc itself as a function native to the iOS system