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Migration by Mind Map: Migration

1. People move from poorer to richer countries.

2. People move from South to North countries.

3. engaging in migration

3.1. Someone who moves to a new country in search of better economic opportunities, a better professional environment, etc.

4. Refugees

4.1. People fleeing to find refuge from war, natural disaster, or political persecution. Most of the time countries are obligated to accept them.

5. Migrants

5.1. Seeking economic opportunity

6. Trafficking

6.1. Sex slaves and labor slaves

6.1.1. Most of the time they are sent to USA

7. Remittances

7.1. Money sent by migrants to relatives in their country of origin

7.2. Important source of income for poor countries

7.3. Help states in the global south

8. Women in Developing Countries

8.1. Inferior social status in South countries

8.2. discrimination widespread in education and literacy

8.3. solutions

8.3.1. international agencies help women organize small businesses, farms, and other income producing activities