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The Library by Mind Map: The Library

1. Tech

1.1. Input

1.1.1. Kinect

1.1.2. Controller

1.2. Output

1.2.1. Projectors Projection Glass Projection Mapping Screens vs Tangible "Set" Organic or "non-traditional" projection recievers Pyramid - Makes AR Space - Project on walls

1.2.2. Single Monitor Simplified Version

1.2.3. Multi-Sensory Experience Tactile Wind Smell Sound!

1.2.4. LED Lighrs

1.2.5. Immersive Visuals (Surrounded By Projection Screens)

2. Software

2.1. Development

2.1.1. Fabric Engine

2.1.2. Python / Mel Scripts

2.1.3. Houdini

2.1.4. Touch Designer Scripting

2.2. Scripts

2.2.1. Existing

2.2.2. Need to Create Vector paths to geo - stained glass windows

2.3. Asset Creation

2.3.1. Maya

2.3.2. Substance Suite

2.3.3. Z-Brush

2.4. Engine

2.4.1. Unreal 4

2.4.2. Arnold

2.4.3. Mental Ray

2.4.4. Render Man

2.4.5. V-Ray

3. Thoughts-To-Be-Sorted

3.1. Kinect Used to Create Digital Reflections

3.2. 3ddd room number in thesis - calArts

3.3. Character Pairs

3.4. Bartimarus Scene

3.5. Changeable clothes?

3.6. Tarot Cards

3.6.1. Arcana - Major and Minor

3.6.2. Book of Thoth

3.6.3. Archetype

4. Inspiration

4.1. Through the Looking Glass

4.2. Dante's Inferno

4.3. Eva

4.4. Dragon Age

4.5. Bartimaeus

4.6. Kafka on the Shore

4.7. Tarot Cards

4.8. Kairos

4.9. Perfume - 1mm

5. The Library [Demo]

5.1. Splash Screen

5.1.1. Scenic Scene [insp] Xenoblade [insp] Legend of Fae [insp] Zelda Opening Page

5.2. Characters

5.2.1. Companion Characer Trevor Hall Magic Queerplatonic

5.2.2. Main Character Androgenous Rugged but sleek Earthy Tones? Perk up / prickle fur / eyes glow / beast mode Eva Offensive Swipe but Magic adds Range Knife = Teeth AOE From Body

5.2.3. Plague doctor bird?

5.2.4. Barberini Faun

5.3. General Notes

5.3.1. "Beautiful Movements"

5.3.2. Character Unique Music - Instrument

5.4. Set

5.4.1. The Library Assets Bookshelves Bristle Cone Pine Piano Writing Desk Grad Stained Glass Windows Wood Floor Foliage/Trees Architecture Style French Art Deco victorian great exhibition - Crystal Palace Edwardian Archoitecture Gothic & Gothic Revival alhambra Rococo Architecture palace of versailles

5.4.2. Water Cave Assets Throne Rock Stepping Stones Hanging Plants Water

5.4.3. Drop Point Assets Landing Stone Eye Stones Walls

5.4.4. Church Assets Statue Pillars Throne

5.5. Narrative

5.5.1. Demo Progression Pan across desk with many objects American Still Life Food Interesting Things Holding Up Books - wooden hands etc. Sitting at Desk making notes on paper (sheet music) deep breath, begin to play As music starts, wind begins to blow, slight crichendo and stop abruptly Jot down note or two and begin playing again See wolf/lion walking in reflections in windows, circling piano Boca Lighting Change Wolf begins duet / is on top of piano? (grand appearance - Bartimaeus/Crow) Can see something in reflection of window, slightly indistinguishable (wolf staring at main character from top of piano Lightning flash and wolf is present in 3D space on top of piano, teeth barred staring at protagonist (split second change) Camera pulls back to reveal changes to the lbrary Wind Water Splashing In Flocking Light Birds/Fish etc Sand Storm/Particle Storm Weather Books flying? Falling? Boca / Light Changes Pan across bookshelves, windows etc to reveal changes in progress Close Shots to Wide Shots - parallel shapes etc. End at growing tree at end of hall Reveal Guard (narrator?) and hole forming in tree The Ferryman Travel down hole (music change?) Waking up the dogs, pan in to each one in cavern, eyes opening, looking up, smile? Statue Spirits - Stone to particle clowing effect surrounding Water Cavern Return to main character in a new and vastly cavernous library Pan back through without seeing character yet Zoom to character at end of great hall - post kill? "You've got a little monster in you too don't you remember?" Begins to transform Panting / breathing hard - each outward breath revealing more monstrous features while each inhale retracts them back into his body (feathers, fur, eyes, snout, teeth)

5.5.2. "Character like white haired boy -bee and puppycat. Crying over character turned to stone" (statue of dead person)

5.5.3. Narrative Passages

5.5.4. Big monster screaming no (repetitively) in angry voice dematerializes to small character crying "no"

5.5.5. Don't get to choose what we look like. Liber reflection represents the you you wish to be

5.5.6. Music boyfriends. piano+?

5.6. Mechanics

5.6.1. Flip into Mirrored World

5.6.2. Elemental challenges for each focal point. Raised pool of water in stone-stepping stones to center/end. Interact with each other to form a puzzle. Flow/pattern

5.6.3. Simulate Dynamics in creative ways Like Theater Use light, shadow, particles, physics Wind Underwater Fire Sand storm Flood

6. Campfire

6.1. Splash Screen

6.1.1. Logo

6.1.2. [insp] Zelda Opening Page

6.1.3. Tone/Start Sound

6.1.4. Particles/Effects

6.1.5. Icon (2D or 3D) First, Then Text

6.1.6. Text Logo BIG, Personal Logo small

6.1.7. [insp] Xenoblade

6.1.8. [insp] Legend of Fae

6.2. Color Palettes

6.3. Interfacing / Controller

6.3.1. Using all kinect data to read human and give info to ankh. Give life

6.3.2. Kinect

6.4. AI

6.4.1. Aesthetic Anubis Nymph Sprite Automaton Ancient Robot AI Self Portrait Anim/Myth/Creature/God/Computer

6.4.2. Functinon Clothes Based on Weather Automaton Changes Over Time Does Certain Things Automatically (Detects Patterns) Replace with Things from you To Do Deadlines Language

6.4.3. Personality Based on Statistics Environmental Different Tasks Based in Environment Indifferent Corrects for the Turing Test "Fresh Slate" only understands certain phrases, must teach more

6.5. Environment

6.5.1. Mostly white/blank - Subtle shapes and Sky

6.5.2. Interesting Sky Color

6.5.3. Flowing Grass/Leaves

6.5.4. Campfire at Center

6.5.5. OZ - Roam-able 3D environment

6.5.6. Music Ambient Use Spotify Playlist (personal)

6.6. While You are Away

6.6.1. Performs Tasks For You

6.7. UI / Info

6.7.1. Weather Manifest Tangibly

6.7.2. Renders?

6.7.3. Topical News Equates to Tangible things Eg. Tragedy in France = Flying Trench Flag. Click for more info.

6.8. New 3d platform for 3d artists not game, more ai.