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Life in America by Mind Map: Life in America
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Life in America

By the 1880's, homicides trippled in the U.S.

The tenement owners wanted to add as much people in their builings as they could.

Only one vent and/or window per apartment

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Provide examples of immigrants who successfully took advantage of the opportunities the United States had to offer.

Why did the majority of immigrants during this period settle in cities?

There were a larger amount of jobs and oppurtunities in the cities, so many immigrants thought they had the best chance to make a living.

They went to the cities because there were more jobs for them to get.

The transportation was easier and cheaper to get around to go to places that was needed.

Describe tenement life.

Early tenements lacked gas for heat, light, running water and indoor toilets.

They didn't have running water and other simple things like that

More people were segregated by race and social class than ever before.




What opportunities were available to immigrants when they arrived in America?

Education was free and differed between ages and ideas.

For those that didn't speak English, it was hard to find a job and make a living.

Immigrants could get jobs that other people did not want to work.

Women were accepted as part of the workforce


Public transportation

Salary Increased

Woman had jobs

Enjoyable sports to watch and play

Many of the immigrants or poor whites that lived in the cities had little or nothing. Segregation was abundant and many different races were discriminated against. Many people resolved to crime and formed gangs to survive.

In what ways did immigrants face discrimination and prejudice upon their arrival in America?

The group called the Know-Nothings pledged to not vote or be nice to anyone that was Ctaholic.

The Chinese Exclusion Act excluded Chinese people that didn't have family citizens in America.

The Nativists discriminated against the immigrants because they believed that jobs should be left for white, protestant Americans.

Since the protestant people in america were so against foriegners they would beat random Irish people up on the street

Homicides tripled during the 1880's

People were separated into groups in tenements by race and ethnicity.

Most immagrints would have to stay in poorly serviced tennaments.

Immigrants were taken advantage of when at the pools.