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Science by Mind Map: Science


2. Digestive system

2.1. The digestive system is the group of organs in the body that extract nutrients from food and expel undigested waste.


3. Circulatory system

3.1. Blood

3.1.1. Blood is made up of plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells and cell fragments called platelets. Plasma is yellowish liqud which is 90% water. Red blood cells give blood its colour white blood cells fight infaction

3.1.2. Blood vessels. Arteries caarry blood from the heard to the reast of the body. Conteins oxygen. veins carry blood back to the heart. Conteins carbon dioxide Capillaries are tiny

3.2. heart

3.2.1. heart is the muscle which pumps blood trough the body.


4. Respiratory system

4.1. our cells need oxygen to combine nitrions

5. Excretory sysem

5.1. The excretory system eliminates (or excretes) waste products from our body. Our body excretes carbon dioxide, urine and water. The excretory system consists of the urinary system and the sweat glands.