My Marketing Pres

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My Marketing Pres by Mind Map: My Marketing Pres

1. Target Audiance

1.1. Walk In Clinic Doctors

1.2. Medical Universities

1.3. Hospitals

2. Delivery

2.1. Cost Structure

2.1.1. First Month subscription is Free with Equipment 1% profit share for next 11 months If still want to continue,5% Profit share

3. Alliances

3.1. Google For using their databases Nixon For Holographic Camera

4. Triple Bottom Line

4.1. No natural Resource Used Environment Freindly

4.2. Socially Beneficial Helping in identification and Treatment of illness

4.3. The companies using this will share 5% profit to use

5. Differenciation

5.1. Only Software to allow interaction With holographic Images Patients Organs can be 3d Printed

6. Name : Gurpreet Singh Punj Student Number:000358453

7. How to Get Attention?

7.1. Website Creation YouTube Videos Live Demo In Universities and Hospitals