Wolfgang Sator

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Wolfgang Sator by Mind Map: Wolfgang Sator

1. Intelligent Mobility

2. Legend

2.1. Nodes are drag and drop, place them anywhere you like

2.2. Use the + and - icons to expand/collapse nodes

2.3. Hover over the circle with lines to read attached notes

2.4. The forward pointing arrow indicates a link associated with the node

3. What to do?

3.1. start your experience by going by foot, public transport, etc.

3.1.1. you'll have a completely different view of the world

3.2. The problem of the blank canvas

3.2.1. what to do first

3.2.2. how to start

3.3. use your fantasy (do something fun/funny)

4. Perception

4.1. People think Intelligent Mobility is about electric cars

4.1.1. It's about new energy vehicles

4.1.2. "Electric cars work betteR"

5. History

5.1. Electric cars are just as old as combustion cars

5.1.1. Scrooge McDuck drove an electric car

5.2. From 1910 - 1916

5.2.1. The electric car had a come in America 60 - 70 km range

5.3. 40% of the US marketshare were electric cars

5.3.1. Particularly popular were electric taxi fleets

5.4. More reliable, easier to operate

5.5. Hard and dangerous to start

5.6. The gasoline car was a status symbol

5.6.1. "King of the Road"

5.7. Doctors always has electric cars

5.7.1. Emergency in the middle of the night the doctor need to be able to get up and go at a moments' notice.

5.8. Henry Ford purchased 3 electric cars for his wife

5.8.1. But hid them in the garage

5.8.2. A gentleman would never drive an electric car It was the womans' car

5.9. By 1924 most electric cars were off the road

6. Make something completely different

6.1. make a bigger car ?

6.2. Make them electric?

6.3. 500 sq. km of solar panels can support the entire energy demand of the world.