Tamás Locher

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Tamás Locher by Mind Map: Tamás Locher

1. A fundamental Change of Fashion Industry

2. Legend

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3. Let's change the fashion industry

3.1. Fashion allows you to express who you are

3.1.1. who you REALLY are

3.1.2. What you are inspired by

3.2. 600 billion euro industry worldwide

4. Trend Building

4.1. Always starts with one person

4.2. Comes back to the market streamlined

4.3. The industry waters it down

4.4. Trend Hunting

4.5. Mass Production

4.6. Mass Distribution

4.7. Mass Marketing

5. Barriers

5.1. You have to sell massive quantities before a producer will want to work with you

5.2. Fashion is like a bank

5.2.1. Developers will give real estate to fashion stores they bring in shoppers

5.3. Designers ->

5.3.1. Marketing Money Fabric

5.4. Designers- >

5.4.1. Internet Consumer